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Coaching is a collaborative process to help you moving from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching is highly effective as the synergy between you and your coach creates momentum once the relationship grows and matures.  You can accomplish more and faster in a relationship with a coach than you could alone.

A life coach is a partner who can help you to identify your strengths, to get a real sense about your challenges, to create a strategy to reach your highest potential and  to support you being the best version of yourself .  A coach will support you to gain clarity and take action, and to experience more freedom and choice in all areas of your life. A coach's job is to assist you to articulate your dreams, desires, and aspirations.  A coach helps you to clarify your mission, purpose and goals. 

Unlike a counsellor or mentor, a coach do not offer advice. Instead, a coach helps clients to find their own solutions in their own way.  The coaching relationship is based in honesty, confidentiality and truth.  A large space for you to grow, a place where your true essence can come out and play.

 My coaching style is honest and heart-centred.

 As your coach I :

• will be listening to you carefully.
• will help you to integrate all aspects of you life.
• will support you throughout the coaching process.
• will celebrate with you all your victories.
• will facilitate your own explorations.
• will challenge you.
• will hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

As my client, I expect from you:

• Full commitment in the coaching process.
• Deep willingness to find the answers that will work best for you.
• To accept full responsibility for the decisions that you make.
• To take action to get the desired results.

A coach in your life is a wise investment in YOU.

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