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Please send an email to
to schedule your free discovery session.

Free Discovery Session

Please email me your request for a free discovery session. We will be spending 45 minutes on
the phone trying out a coaching session together. The session will also provide you with an
opportunity to present your questions and to get a feeling for what it would be like to work together.

Questions to consider for the first call:

• What are you looking for in a coach?
• What brings you to coaching?
• What outcomes do you seek?
• What kind of support do you need?

Monthly Coaching Fees and Packages

Coaching is a long-term commitment aimed at creating significant change, therefore, I ask my
clients to commit to at least three months of coaching. The total length of the process varies
individually and mostly depends on your own commitment and willingness to take action.

From my experience, the best results are achieved when we engage in a regular program of three coaching sessions per month. Each session will last between 30 and 40 minutes. Support between sessions by email or through a brief phone call are also available and are included in this program. Fees will be determined on an individual basis during our free discovery session.
To simplify the practical things for both of us, my fees are due the 1st of each month in advance
of that month's coaching.  If you need to cancel one of our scheduled sessions, I ask you to give me a minimum 24-hour cancellation notice, and we can then decide together on a replacement session within that same month.

If this program doesn’t match your needs or availability we can agree on a program that fits you.

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